Needed to unwind, so here’s a 30 minute Viera, just in time for Easter.

anyway it’s Kyarycon in 12 days and i’ve broke a nail so that’s great 

it’s in the same league as the denny’s one but everyone knows about the denny’s tumblr

battlefield gives the impression that they’re shouting into a void though that’s probably not the case

the battlefield official tumblr is the most ridiculous thing though

it’s like 90% gifs of cool kills and 10% "THAT BATTLEFEEL" i can’t


(miku comes out in a dress made entirely of dominoes pepperoni slices)


Morning Musume。’14 “Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe/Password is 0” enters the Oricon chart at #1 with 80,853 copies sold. Congrats girls!

CDシングル デイリーランキング-音楽ランキング

Lower sales than Wagamama and Egao, but still a landslide victory and a practically guaranteed weekly no.1!

REV. got pretty average sales, I thought maybe “the once in a millennium idol” Kanna would’ve pushed them but maybe its already been too long since that miracle photo lol