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Sexism,Patriarchy,Racism and Colonialsm.Full Discourse


lads, this video is important


if you dont believe that people can change vegeta went from blowing up planets to taking his son to school in like 3 arcs

Q: When will we have the Gold Saucer, and what will it do?

Yoshida: First of all, it will not be in 2.4 patch; it will be sometime during the series, but before 3.0.

The gold saucer, the name itself is still to be confirmed, but let’s call it that for now. I can let you know that a chocobo race will be in there, and Triple Triad, the card game from FFVIII, will be in there as well. With the card game, you’ll also be able to try out with players and NPCs. Also, there will be a lot of minigames, like a basketball-type game as well. We’re also planning to have a dedicated Fate, which will happen in the Gold Saucer area. I want to make sure that there are many exciting things that players will love to stay in this area.

And about the chocobo race: we want to make sure that players can ride their own chocobo, and also race your own – it’s very close to the FFVII chocobo race.

Morning Musume ‘14 - Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe (supercircuit remix)



I love calling people nerds even though I’m the actual fucking nerd.

"I fuckin hate nerds" I whisper as i walk around a convention in full cosplay


Eripon’s magic…




Utada Hikaru, award-winning singer/songwriter.

when you walk away

you don’t hear me say

“hey look out there’s a door there”

I guess I could say that the glass was simple and clean.

only Tifa fucking Lockheart has the guts to try kick Sephiroth in the face

Because I wanted to draw a picture of Tifa that wasn’t shippy or porn like 90% of her fanart tends to be :’I

Larger version here!