Turns out the character designer and animation director for Sailor Moon Crystal directed the openings and a bunch of episodes from Code Geass and also did key animation in a ton of episodes too

so it wasn’t just my imagination that SM:C looks a lot like geass


"Douse yourself in water and repent!" 1995 // 2014

how to make computer run faster


step 1 go to programs and then delete the file called League of legends cogratulationis your computer is fixed also your life

be careful! in some cases the file is called DOTA2 instead! this is essentially the same file just with a different name so be sure to delete this one too

Michishige Sayumi Things (14/??)
Kissing Monster

Ask me about Neon Genesis Evangelion. Talk to me about Eva. DO IT!!!!





I have to stay up all night with the baby so my wife can rest after her surgery. Engage me over faux-Christian sadzone cosmic horror teen robot/mom anime.

what does it all mean

Otaku culture is a nightmare that reinforces horribly destructive psychological problems that further isolate people from one another and Judeo-Christian mystical aesthetics look really cool.

The glasses shines further reinforce the theme of isolation. The eyes are a hugely important part of human socialization. If they’re bigger and more expressive, you seem trustworthy and innocent. If they’re smaller or less expressive, you seem suspicious and untrustworthy. If they can’t be seen at all you slip into the uncanny valley. Opaque glasses show up in anime when a character is so lost in their drive or passion, or so dedicated to a course of action, that their humanity takes a back seat. This could be a nerdy obsession or a willingness to stop considering another person’s life valuable so that you can pursue your goal. Think of the Corinthian from Sandman, and what was behind his glasses.

When I said that the “point” of NGE was “fuck otaku”, I wasn’t kidding. There’s a lot of other stuff going on, and Hideaki Anno was dealing with some other pretty stressful things (his wife dying and drug addiction to name two), but his most vocal “fans” were apparently also the most perverted, antisocial and just generally cretinous. We’ve all navigated geek culture. We know the sort of people he was dealing with.

Gendo is, in a lot of ways, a deconstruction of the narcissism behind a lot of nerd culture, the pitfall of taking your inability to cope with the social world outside as a failure of that world, and as evidence of your own greater personhood and intellectual/moral superiority. On the surface he is detached, dispassionate, intellectual, potent and just kind of awesome. Look at all the memes that have sprung up around him. Nerds think he’s awesome because they identify with him.

Except that when Fuyutski met him he thought Gendo was a giant fucking creep from day one*. Fans of the show tend to hate or at least affectionately mock Shinji for being feckless and whiny, but it’s acknowledged that Gendo is what happens when Shinji grows up. He has learned to wall people out effectively (AT Field) but he is still essentially a broken child, terrified of interacting with anyone except the wealthy, connected dream girl who brought him out of his shell once long ago. He states to the ghost of his dead wife in EoE that the reason he rejected his son was because he was afraid of him. He coped with the death of his wife by cloning her as an army of child brides and turning the world into tang for an opportunity to see her again instead of moving on. He’s a horrible, awful, broken person, and the opaque glasses are meant to signify this to us. Unfortunately, much like with Rorschrach in Watchmen, the fanbase just thought he was cool and latched onto him without thinking much about it.

*He only stays on as Gendo’s right-hand man out of a fucked-up sense of devotion to Yui.

wow i really hate how mobile tumblr fucks with text posts ugh



it’s genuinely baffling to consider that shmorky, like, the shmorky we all know for various reasons, makes youtube vids w/ lowtax from SA where they make fun of shitty horror games among other junk. like, the same lowtax who’s also had mike, the…

if anyone has a huge lack of respect for shmorky its the goons themselves, constantly railing on the high voice and demanding they pick a gender
but its not as if they’re doing something dumb and harmful like insisting everyone call them shmorkself or klurfself so whatever, let’m be

you can tell lowtax n shmorky have a good relationship in their videos, that’s what longtime friends sound like, when you’re comfortable enough to know where the line is in making fun of each other
if it comes across as disrespectful, maybe you’ve never had a friend that long???


Here’s hoping.


If Linkin Park plays in the forest and no one is around to hear it, in the end, does it even matter?


Morning Musume Stacy’s Girls re-killing theater (English Subbed)


yeeeeeeeeeee get it watched it’s so good!